We help you to choose the equipment fitting your needs.

We have selected half a dozen of certified technical platforms, which can be set up in diverse configurations. The reason for that is to ensure that you will have the right hardware, and the most efficient one, aboard each aircraft.

Decision parameters include aircraft type, cabin configuration, connectivity availability, content and service strategy, not to mention cost of investment.

Our UGO IFE system can operate on many compliant hardware platforms. This includes possibly re-using any existing cabin WiFi network, as long as no proprietary component prevents UGO to run, or decreases  its performance.

This scalability opens options, and freedom is always a good thing. Above all, It means that you can deploy a common passenger experience throughout your fleet, from regional aircraft to wide-bodies, no matter technical configurations.


Create your bespoke IFE choosing from a wealth of options, or inventing new services.

Mass-customization is only possible with such a powerful and agile software as UGO. Its technical design was built upon our experience with airlines and major consumer brands. All in-flight and on-ground software components are uniquely flexible.

UGO software allows you to select, brand and organize freely all the contents and services you might require. Choose from our large selection, or create services of your own, in accordance to your corporate strategy and your passengers’ needs. Let your marketing team experiment new concepts – just for a short period of time if needed.

Distribute different services according to routes, travel classes, or groups of passengers. Create your personalized, scalable and ever-changing IFE. Expand it before, and after the flight, to enhance passengers’ experience throughout their journey.

Also, we didn’t forget that you will need data to assess the performance of your IFE: passengers’ behaviors, content usage, payment processing, order fulfillment, maintenance logs, and so on. All of this is available on your desktop possibly a few hours after landing.


Diverse, inspirational contents to feed your product strategy.

Bring your own contents, ask your CSP, or let us help you to define your content offer. Through partnerships with international content owners, we provide all kinds of movies, TV shows, music, news, games, magazines and much, much more.

We can offer original and unique contents, targeted to specific market segments. Our content team is constantly looking for new, interesting media to help you differentiate from competitors and give to your passengers an inspirational experience. We are fascinated by millenials, and monitor closely the latest digital trends so that your content strategy stays updated.


Update process tailored to aircraft operations.

Updating media contents, displaying new advertisements, creating a special design for a specific event, these operations cannot be constrained, and sometimes they cannot even be anticipated by several weeks, because of last-minute opportunities.

We assist you to select and set up the right processes which will fit with your content strategy, your routes and destinations, turn around times, or maintenance operations.

UGO proposes three different update methods, all scalable and flexible, that can be combined to build your own process for each content type:

  • Periodical update by maintenance laptop, completed on ground in your hub.
  • Daily update, processed by 4G, on ground and in airport of your choice.
  • Real-time update, possibly using broadband connectivity during flight.


Connectivity to improve ancillaries and PAX experience.

Providing entertainment to your passengers doesn’t require any SatCom connectivity. However, you may want to go further, and install some Internet connectivity on board.

Depending on your needs and objectives,Display will support you to select the right solution and options, related for instance to payment processing, high or low internet access for passengers, or live content update.

Thanks to our connectivity partners, we are able to provide you with an end-to-end solution including STC, LRUs, installation Kit, T-PED, using Ka-band, Ku-band, Iridium or Swift Broadband.